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Aaron Nance


Mr. Nance is an established educator with twelve years of experience. Mr. Nance began his career working in early childhood education. He received his credentials one and two, along with several other certifications.  Furthermore, Mr. Nance has worked as a teacher primarily in elementary and middle schools. His experience as a data-driven instructor allowed him to obtain positions as a dean of students, and eventually an assistant principal of a K-12 public charter school. ​

Mr. Nance is an advocate of all students, but primarily is interested in changing the trajectory of Black students through accessing student learning outcomes, providing equitable opportunities so Black students can have education attainment so they can obtain social mobility. 

Mr. Nance understands that policy may restrict or limit Black student's progress. As a result, Mr. Nance is obtaining his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) to provide educational resources to students and families. Currently, Mr. Nance serves as the Division Chair of Education and Assistant Professor of Education at Clinton College. He hopes to continue to shape, inspire, and motivate the next wave of students and scholars. 

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